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BTECs are work related qualifications suitable which provide a more practical, real-world approach to learning alongside a key theoretical background. BTECs are different from GCSE’s but some element of your work is externally assessed; this means that you have to complete a series of written or practical assignments and either an exam or a moderator will come and visit your school to see your work.


You are studying towards a BTEC First Award in Business. This qualification is equivalent to 1 GCSE. In order to achieve this qualification you will have to complete 4 different units.

You will be set a series of assignments that you must complete by the set deadline. Each assignment will be marked by your teacher, and in some cases they will be marked again by a different teacher. This is a normal part of the BTEC process.


For each unit in a BTEC there is a set of criteria that your assignments meet, which are then use for grading purposes. A final unit grade can be awarded for each unit at pass, merit or distinction.


  • To achieve a ‘pass’ a learner must have satisfied all the pass assessment criteria
  • To achieve a ‘merit’ a learner must additionally have satisfied all the merit grading criteria
  • To achieve a ‘distinction’ a learner must additionally have satisfied all the grading distinction grading criteria.
  • To calculate the final, overall grade for the qualification a points system is then used which your teacher will explain to you. All this is tracked and calculated using the tracking grid which your teacher will show you.


 Programme Overview

In your BTEC First Award in Business you have to complete the following mandatory unit(s):

Unit 1

The aim of this unit is know how trends and the current business environment may impact of a business. This unit is internally.

Unit 2

The aim of this unit is to understand the costs involved in business and how businesses make a profit. This unit is assessed by an exam.

Unit 6

The aim of this unit is to explore the structure and organisation of retail business. This unit is assessed internally.

Unit 8

The aim of this unit is to explore the hiring/firing mechanism of the business world. This unit is assessed internally


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