GCSE Art & Design

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Why study Art and Design? Remember that every time you open a magazine, use a computer, buy a CD or clothes, use a tin opener or sit in a chair you are choosing and using something in which an artist or designer has been involved in creating. All through your life you will be making your own artistic decisions and hopefully enjoying the work of other artists and designers whether the results of their efforts are on gallery walls, or in Miss Selfridge, Top Shop, HMV or Big Drop.

Studying GCSE Art and Design will also give you the confidence to create your own art after you leave school and of course it is an important qualification for many careers including architecture, design, illustration, film animation, art therapy and many crafts.

The GCSE examination is designed to assess your positive achievement whatever your ability, with great emphasis being placed on your personal research and contribution. The course will introduce you to the skills necessary to produce results in drawing, painting, graphics and sculpture. You will also be encouraged to look at the work of other artists and designers, through books and reproductions and visits to museums and galleries.


This consists of two parts:

A 10 hour Controlled Assessment Task




During the first term of Year 10 you will revise and develop the skills that you learned in Years 7 – 9. During each one of the next three terms you will work on a different section of work. Independent effort through homework will be necessary if you are to have enough work to offer for assessment.

Each part should show written and visual investigation and relate to the work of other artists, as well as being of personal interest to you.

Through hard work and self-disciplined effort you can expect to enjoy producing good work of your own that is personal, original and of a high standard.


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