GCSE Computer Science

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Who is this course for?

Computer Science is a new opportunity at GCSE level which is designed to teach pupils the skills they require to not just use computers but to programme them. The course is challenging and aimed at our more able pupils with a particular flair for the subjects of ICT and Mathematics. The course requires and develops capabilities in solving deep, multidimensional problems requiring imagination. Those pupils who enjoyed the Scratch project in year 8 or HTML are likely to be most suited to this course.

What does the course entail?

Unit 1: Understanding Computer Science

  • Assessment consists of a 105 minute written examination

Unit 2: Solving Problems Using Computers

  • Assessment consists of on screen tasks completed under exam conditions in a 2 hr time period.
  • Involves solving programming problems and adapting code that is provided to pupils

Unit 3: Developing Computing Solutions

  • ­Assessed by a controlled assessment task completed in lessons over a 20 hr period.
  • Involves creating a computer programme to solve a given scenario

Why choose this course?

Computing and computer technology are part of just about everything that touches our lives from the cars we drive, to the movies we watch, to the latest mobile phone or games console. Computing drives innovation in the sciences and also in engineering, business, entertainment and education. If you want to make a positive difference in the world, studying computing could help you achieve this. Computing jobs are among the highest paid and have the highest job satisfaction.

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