GCSE English Language

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All pupils entering Year 10 will follow the National Curriculum programmes of study to achieve the Attainment Targets incorporated in the WJEC syllabus for GCSE/Key Stage 4 English Language.

The aim of the course is to enable pupils to:-

  • develop their understanding of the spoken word and their capacity to participate effectively in a variety of speaking and listening activities, matching style and response to audience and purpose;
  • develop their ability to read, understand, enjoy and respond to all types of texts; recognise the ways in which writers achieve their effects; develop information retrieval strategies for the purposes of study;
  • develop their ability to construct and convey meaning in writing using appropriate language, matching style to audience and purpose.


Assessment will consist of:

UNIT 1 External Assessment 1 hour 45 minutes

Reading and writing fiction



UNIT 2 External Assessment 1 hour 45 minutes

Reading and writing non fiction

Controlled Assessment

This will consist of two written pieces and best achievement in speaking and listening.

All assessments will take place in school time.



UNIT 3 Controlled Assessment

Reading and Writing

Reading: Instructional, explanatory, persuasive (10%)

Writing: Writing from a list of tasks specified by WJEC (10%)



UNIT 4 Controlled Assessment

Speaking and Listening

Two tasks, including real life uses and audiences. Assessment to focus on:

• presentation or talk, answering questions, in either a formal or informal situation


• group discussion that has a local community/workplace focus or topic where

candidates have a role and sustain a point of view (10%)





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