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The GCSE syllabus consists of practical and theoretical elements, which enable pupils to develop concepts and activities covered in Years 7 – 9.

The course can be divided into two sections:




The practical element of the course is based on continuous assessment over the two years, concluding with a moderated examination.

Practical marks can be achieved through performing, officiating, or leading, and all pupils will be given the opportunity to develop these skills during the course.


Hill Walking Rock Climbing Football Swimming Sailing Rugby League Life Saving Canoeing Rugby Union Kayaking Netball Athletic Activities: Ski-ing Basketball Athletics (Track & Field) Snow Boarding Hockey or Ice Hockey Cross Country Running Water ski-ing Lacrosse Rowing Wind Surfing Badminton Weight Lifting Scuba Diving Table Tennis Cycling

Step Aerobics Yoga Aerobics Weight Training Machine Rowing (non competitive) Circuit Training Cycling (non competitive) Power Walking Dance Olympic (formal) Contemporary Rhythmic Street Thematic Hip Hop Acrobatic Folk Jazz Social Historical Theatrical Trampolining Diving

Life Saving Tennis Mountain Biking Squash Horse Riding Volleyball Judo Martial Arts Surfing Cricket Fencing Baseball or Rounders or Softball Bowls Golf Water Polo


Only those pupils who have displayed a positive attitude and have achieved a high level of performance in a variety of activities in years 7-9 will be encouraged to undertake this option.



It is important before they select this option that pupils realise there is a considerable amount of written work and course work.

This aspect is assessed through one written examination at the end of Year 11.

Topics covered:

  • Physical Fitness
  • Sociological aspects of sport.
  • Diet and Nutrition.
  • Effects of Exercise Training.
  • Safety in Sport.
  • Skill and Psychological Factors.

 Pupils will be required to purchase a PE GCSE Kit which will be available from our school suppliers prior to beginning this course.



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