PE Kit Changes for Year 10 and 11

We have already made you aware that the school PE kit is being updated and after consultation with pupils,parents and governors it has been decided that there will be changes to the PE kit starting from the spring term (January) for year 10 and 11.

The kit will now consist of:

Navy shorts and a navy t-shirt with school badge for the boys.

Navy leggings and navy t shirt with school badge for the girls.


Shorts of any description will no longer be allowed after Christmas as part of the girls PE Kit.

Pupils will be expected to wear the new PE kit by the time we return after the Christmas holidays however, pupils can continue to wear the original school PE kit until it becomes too small for them.


The kit is now available from Bergoni:

T shirt £8.00

Shorts £8.00

Leggings £14.00


If you have any problems or queries please contact Mrs Susan Davies, Head of PE at


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