Update to Parents – June 11th

Return to school information

Further guidance was received yesterday from Welsh Government. We still have a great deal of work to do before we can update you throughly but we will send further updates to you before next Thursday.


In preparing for the 4 weeks from 29th June we can clarify the following:


  1. Uniform – pupils will NOT be expected to wear uniform. Guidance suggests clothing that is suitable for the school environment, comfortable and easily washable. Ideally clothing worn to school be washed on returning home.


  1. Numbers of pupils – it is likely that only one year group from years 7-10 will be in each day and year 12. Guidance suggests no more than 1/3 of the total school number of pupils on the school site. We are working on a draft timetable and will share this as soon as possible. It is likely to be Monday year 7, Tuesday year 8 , Wednesday year 9, Thursday and Friday year 10. Pupils will have a combination of academic and PE activities and again the wearing of appropriate clothing should be taken into consideration.


  1. Food/water – pupils will need to bring in their own packed lunch/ snacks. There will not be any food or drink available to purchase at school. There are facilities for filling water bottles.


  1. Equipment – pupils will be required to bring in their own pen, pencil etc and not to share stationery equipment.


  1. Classrooms – pupils will be in small groups within an allocated classroom. They will remain in this classroom for the day other than organised and staggered Wellbeing sessions.


  1. Transport – in most cases pupils are encouraged to walk or be transported to and from school by parents. We are awaiting further information from county regarding bus transportation.


  1. If parents choose not to send their children to school they will be expected to continue working from home.


  1. If a pupil shows symptoms whilst in school parents will be contacted and expected to collect their child from school immediately.


Parent Questionnaire

Thank you to those who responded to the county survey.  In order to help us plan for re-opening on June 29th we would also ask if you could please complete this short questionnaire for us. Click here – Parent Questionnaire


Health & Safety

The school will be adhering to the County wide Risk Assessment policy that is in place in conjunction with the WG Guidance.  This includes the installation of multiple hand sanitizer stations around the school, Social distancing on the school site and within classrooms and a stringent cleaning rota.  WG guidance does not require the wearing of PPE (Masks) at this time by either staff or pupils.


The school retains the the right to review its provision in line with statutory guidance and make amendments to its Risk Assessment policy when and where necessary.



Swansea County Council have provided information which can be seen by clicking here and there is a link to the  Frequently asked questions.




Transition for year 6

We continue to update the transition section of the website with video messages from staff, a virtual tour of the school and other relevant information.





Pupils eligible for Free School Meals

Weekly food bags will continue to be delivered on Monday to those who have opted for them.



Hwb heroes 2

Thanks to Mrs J Mykisova for organising and collecting the wonderful messages from Year 7,8,9 pupils. This week we have the second collection.

Please encourage your children to keep sending in art work, messages or video messages. It is wonderful to see their creative work.


Play the first animation by Jonty Year 7 and then scroll down to read some of the poems and stories. We are so impressed by this work.




If you have any questions or concerns please contact us on 873461.

We hope that you and your family stay safe and well in these difficult times.

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