Year 12 Physics


8 Lasers

Photons (1)


Booklet Unit 1 2019-20202

Educas Unit 1 2016

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Educas Unit 1 2019

Unit 1 2016

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Unit 1 2019

Unit 1 Data Booklet

physics-en-2019 Revision Guide Unit 1 and 2

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conduction test

Drift velocity questions]

PH2.1 Conduction of electricity (new 2018)

PH2.1 Conduction of electricity

Topic 1 and 2 test

PH2.2 Resistance

PH2.3 DC circuits

Polarisation (5)

Waves intro (1)

Waves Test

diffraction and interference (1)

double slit diagram

Stationary waves (2)

Young’s double-slit experiment (3)

Optic fibres

Refraction of light (1)

total internal reflection (2)

total internal reflection 2 (2)

Line emission and absorption spectra (2)

Photons (1)



Investigation of the charging and discharging of a capacitor

Investigation of the damping of a spring

Investigation of the energy stored in a capacitor

Investigation of the force on a current in a magnetic field

Investigation of the force-extension relationship for rubber

Investigation of the IV characteristics

Investigation of the variation of intensity of gamma radiation

Investigation of the variation of R with T for a metal wire

Measurement of g by freefall

Measurement of g with a pendulum

Measurement of the density of solids

Measurement of the intensity variations for polarisation

Measurement of the refractive index of a material

Measurement of the specific heat capacity for a solid

Determination of h using LEDs

Determination of resistivity of a metal

Determination of the internal resistance of a cell

Determination of the speed of sound using stationary waves

Determination of unknown masses by using the principle of moments

Determination of wavelength using a diffraction grating

Determination of wavelength using Young’s double slits

Determination of Young modulus of a metal

Estimation of absolute zero by use of the gas laws

investigation of magnetic flux density using a Hall probe

Investigation of Newton’s second law

Investigation of radioactive decay – a dice analogy

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