Additional Learning Needs

At Gowerton we recognise that all learners have individual needs and ensure fair and equitable treatment for all. We promote a universal practice that celebrates diversity and maximizes the achievement of all.


Pupils who require Additional Learning Provision (ALP) are identified through close liaison with partner primary schools, with teachers and through robust decision-making processes. The progression of all ALN pupils is carefully monitored by the ALNCO.

If it is decided that support is required, then the programme of provision is adjusted as the needs of the learner change. Pupils are involved in their learning through regular assessment and dialogue between pupil, parent/carer, teachers and other stakeholders or agencies involved.


Universal, targeted and specific provision is given to pupils with:

  • Communication and Interaction difficulties
  • Cognition and Learning Difficulties
  • Social, Emotional and Behavioral Difficulties
  • Physical, Sensory and Medical conditions.


Indeed, the school’s ALN Policy along with the SEN Code of Practice and ALNET aims to ensure that all pupils with Additional Learning Needs receive a relevant and balanced education which is differentiated to suit their needs and aptitudes.

Additional Learning Needs pupils are encouraged to develop their full potential through Universal Provision or coordinated teaching and learning programme involving regular support and monitoring.


All pupils who have an Additional Learning Need are treated as individuals and are in receipt of either a One Page Profile (OPP) or an Individual Education Plan (IEP) that is regularly reviewed.


The main aim of the additional learning needs teaching in school is to enable pupils with challenges to progress and reach as high standard as possible. Gowerton prides itself on its Nurture Provision groups at Key Stage 3 (Years 7,8&9), here pupils are offered an intensive focus of teaching and learning around acquiring literacy and numeracy basic skills. Those pupils identified for Nurture Groups will follow a broad and balanced differentiated curriculum with all of the opportunities open to other children of the school.

There is regular liaison with parents and carers who are encouraged to contact the school with any queries. There is also regular Person-Centred Planning for pupils with statements or an Individual Development plan.


The school has a well-stablished Specialist Teaching Facility (STF) for pupils who have Autistic Spectrum Disorder.




Specialist Teaching Facility

The school is home to a Specialist Teaching Facility (or STF) for students with high-functioning autism and other autism spectrum conditions. Here, they are supported and educated by a team of dedicated staff and integrated into the mainstream life of the school as much as possible. We are keen to offer a warm welcome to our students and we aim to make the transition to the STF at Gowerton as smooth as possible.

Once pupils are offered a place by the local authority, we arrange a bespoke transition package, including visits for pupils and their parents or carers to meet with us and each other.





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