Austria Ski Trip – Final Trip Information 2023

Austria Easter 2023

Final Information

  • We leave from Penllergaer Services on Friday 7thApril 2023 at 11.15am. Please arrive as soon after 10.45 am as you can. Please be on time as we do want to get away promptly.
  • At Penllergaer Services, please park vehicles in the main car park and not in the coach bays as we need to ensure that the loading of luggage and boarding of pupils is carried out safely.
  • Two coaches will be travelling to Austria. Each coach is numbered (Coach 1/Coach 2)
  • Pupils have been allocated a coach for the duration of the visit (Noted at top of this letter). It is essential pupils board and load their luggage on the correct coach. Staff will also have a register on who should board each coach on your arrival in Penllergaer.
  • All medicines should be sealed in a clear bag, labeled (including times/date when last taken) and passed to the coach leader in Penllergaer. Please provide details in writing if necessary.
    Coach 1: Mr. D J Morgan
    Coach 2: Mr. I Hamer-Davies
  • If pupils’ have retained their passports and GHICs (due to travel the previous week), please pass onto the Coach leader prior to boarding. All pupils travelling MUST also have a valid GHIC card.
  • Most spending money should be placed in the money envelope provided (with details completed on the front) and packed in your suitcase which will remain in the luggage hold en route. Pupils should have some money for travel (£ and €)
  • Everyone should wear their ski coat for the journey.
  • We advise everyone to bring a pillow and travel blanket or sleeping bag onto the coach with them.
  • Hand luggage should include: a toothbrush, wipes or a flannel …other toiletries if required.
  • Please note, NO aerosol/spray deodorants/perfumes are allowed on the coach.  
  • A ski sock (for the ski fitting) should also be in your hand luggage.
  • Suitable light food/snacks can be packed but NO cola, energy or caffeine-based drinks. Keep packaging to a minimum.
  • Our Cross channel Ferry departs the UK at 8pm. A meal voucher will be provided to use on DFDS crossing.
  • Feel free to bring suitable Dvds (12 certificate or under) that we can watch during the journey.
  • Luggage should be kept to the minimum weight possible. (One case per child). Please see previous correspondence (Ski Pack) for clothing list.
  • The week is an informal ski week – multiple changes of clothes are not required. Ski gear will be worn for most of each day. Do not pack anything that is not essential.
  • The plan is to arrive back at Penllergaer Services during late afternoon/early evening of Friday 14th April 2023. Our estimated time of arrival in Dover that morning is 11.30am. We will be making a definitive call during our comfort break at Leigh Delamere on Friday afternoon.

Contact details:

  • We are staying near the village of St. Veit im Pongau at the Sportheim Prommeger, Kalmm 10, 5621. +43  664 53 01 507
  • The Tour Company is: Snowslippers. Tel. No.: +44 7837 093 989
  • Our coach is supplied by PC Coaches of Lincoln Ltd: +44 1522 533 605

Daily Updates of the tour will be posted on our Instagram Page:


Thank you

The Ski Team

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