Bishopston yr 10: 21 Gowerton: 36

Year 10 maintain 100% record.

Jack Petherbridge who did some great lineout work , leaps high.
Bl 10 Llanddeilo Ferwallt: 21 Tregwyr: 36.
Bishopston yr 10: 21 Gowerton: 36
Tanner a Young yn serennu a Tregwyr yn parhau heb ei churo.
Tanner and Young impress as Gowerton continue undefeated start.
A battered Gowerton squad that was missing key players in key positions like the Swansea City’Superstar’ and Dylan Treharne won yesterday as they literally smashed Bishopston in a friendly away match. Due to the missing players the young Steffan Gibbon was called up and he more than held his own as he fought in the scrums.
Kieran Fisher, who had to ‘fill in at 10’ due to injuries.
It was an optimistic start for the 16 man squad that headed down with players having to fill key positions like 10 where Kieran Fisher played and David Dudley Jones played full back. Despite these mix ups Gowerton’s captain Liam Morgan opted to receive and Bishopston kicked off. Great handling under the ball led to a ruck where the Gowerton front five dominated and continued to do so up to the opposition try line where Jonny Lloyd capitalised on the pressure and sneaked round the blindside to put the first points on the board. Kieran Fisher stepped up to take the conversion but was unsuccessful due to there not being a kicking tee available.
Rhodri Tyrrell scored a try that turned Amir Makaleh’s skill into points.
The game continued and a turnover meant Gowerton were on the defensive but thanks to various try saving tackles by Amir Makahleh Gowerton held out. The defence was heavily reliant on Amir and due to his pressure he was able turn over the ball allowing Rhodri Tyrrell to turn Amir’s skill into points. Still no tee, resulting in no conversions but it did not prevent Kieran from trying. After scoring their second try Gowerton were caught off guard and conceded an unworthy try. At half time Gowerton led 10-7 but knew they still had a job to do. Mr Lewis decided Amir was just too good for the opposition and we needed to rest him for more important games. This led to the arrival of Jordan Dhar. With the star rested everyone had to up their game and they did so with excellent line out work from Jack Petherbridge and Marcus Besley feeding Anthony Osborne who was through to score under the posts the try was successfully converted. Unfortunately Anthony twisted his ankle in the process and much to the opposition’s dread Amir began to warm up and came back on as wing and the excellently playing winger Leighton moved into centre. A well commanded pack began to gain momentum with excellent running from Aaron Smith as he side stepped 4 players and Luke Williams broke some weak defensive tackles and powered over the line to score an excellent forwards try. As they could see victory in sight they took their foot off the pedal leaving Bishopston to walk over the line to score easy tries leaving the score 24-21.
Various try saving tackles by Amir Makahleh allowed Gowerton to hold out.
With the team shaken up they went back down to the Bishopston half and kept them pinned allowing Joel Young to capitalise and add another five points which went unconverted after Bishopston kindly donated a cone. Tensions rose on the pitch and Gowerton were keen to put this game to sleep and a final try by straight hard running from David Dudley-Jones assured victory, ending the game 36-21.
Great performances from James Tanner and Joel Young who were awarded ‘men of the match’. Also excellent performances from Amir Makaleh, Jordan Dhar, Liam Morgan, Steffan Gibbon and Jack Petherbridge.
Report and Pictures by Richard Keefe yr 10.

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