GCSE Product Design

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Using wood, metal and plastics to design and manufacture a range of creative products from storage to lighting design. Resistant materials also involve the use of CAD/CAM as well as more traditional hand making skills such as jointing and veneering. Product Design focuses on design through styling and modelling again using a range of materials and processes. Computer visuals and 3D modelling is usedas well as CAM manufacturing. Projects include lighting design and restyling of futuristic electronic devices.

Each focus area (DT Subject) is build on skills formed in KS3 D&T. All focus areas make use of ICT and Computer Aided Design and Manufacture with Graphics, and Product and Systems making heavy use of CAD/CAM, using programmes like Photo­shop/Illustrator as well as other specialist software. Pupils do not rotate around teachers as in years 7, 8 and 9 but stay with their main teacher in charge of the opted subject.


There is one level of entry with the grades from A* to G available: The assessment is as follows:

UNIT 1: A written examination. This exam will be taken during the June exams at the end of Year 11.


UNIT 2: Controlled Assessment Task – 30 hours long ­ 60% of the marks.


This task will be completed in Year 11. The CAT is about Designing, Communicating, and Manufacturing a Product. A design portfolio and a product will be made using the materials of the chosen focus area.



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