Year 13 – A message from us

Dear Year 13 student,


On behalf of Gowerton School can I thank you for your dedication, effort and hard work during your time here.

It is unfortunate that due to the Covid 19 pandemic your final year at Gowerton was not as it should have been.

As we have not been able to say goodbye in the way we would normally we are taking this opportunity to formally thank you and wish you ‘also the very best’ in your chosen future paths.

If you are disappointed, concerned or have any queries please contact us on 873461, leave a message, and we will contact you. We may need to make an appointment for you to meet with a member of the exam/headship team.

Due to the Covid 19 restrictions we ask you not to re-enter the school site once you have received your results. We are sorry that we have to put these restrictions in place. As mentioned above we can only accept appointments made via the phone. We will do our very best to see concerned families as soon as possible.


Yours faithfully,




Mr N. Jones

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